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Regional Rate Boxes, Explained
Regional Box A1
What are USPS Regional Rate Boxes? How do you use them? If you are shipping packages over two pounds, Regional Rate boxes can be the cheapest way to ship.
eBay Photography Lighting
Often the difference between getting an OK price and a great one for your items is in how well your items look in the photos. Want to step up your eBay photography game? We recommend this umbrella light kit.

Why umbrella lights and not a light box?
Read the full-article to find out.

A carton sizer tool will save you $$

Excess box weight and dunnage costs from using oversized boxes can add up fast. Larger boxes can get hit with huge dimensional weight fees. A box resizer is a convenient tool that will save you many times its $15-20 cost by allowing you to easily reduce the the height of a box. Sometimes shortening a box by just one or two inches can save $15 or more in dimensional weight fees.

This is the carton sizer I use:

Shipping box resizer
Do I need a postage scale?

If you’re selling online, yes, you need a digital scale. If you already know this, but are looking for a recommendation for which scale you should buy, we think this is a really good postal scale.

If you want to know why you need a scale or why we recommend the one we do, checkout the full article:

Why we think Sparco tape is the best shipping tape
Sparco Best Shipping Tape

Sparco tape is the best shipping tape we've found to date. It's thicker than most of the popular name brand sealing tapes out there (Scotch, Duck, etc. - even many of the "heavy duty" varieties.) However, the thing that sets Sparco apart from the other is that it's very, very sticky. So if you've used other tapes that have problems sticking or staying stuck to your packages, Sparco tape might solve your problems.

eBay Top Rated Seller (TRS) vs Top Rated Seller Plus (TRS+)
eBay Top Rated Plus Badge

Are you a TRS Plus seller on eBay? If you said yes, sorry to tell you, you actually aren't. But that’s OK!

So what's the difference, and should you bother trying to be a TRS with TRS+ listings?

Why can't I ship Fedex Smart Post to a PO Box on eBay Labels?
PO Boxes
Actually, you can. Fedex says "By utilizing the U.S. Postal Service® (USPS) for final delivery, FedEx SmartPost reaches every U.S. address, including P.O. boxes and military APO, FPO and DPO destinations. You can even use FedEx SmartPost to ship to Alaska, Hawaii and all U.S. territories."
How to embed Youtube videos in your eBay listings

Adding video to your eBay listings can help assure potential buyers that your item works well and adds another dimension to your listing

In order to embed videos in your listings, you will need to add some HTML. The exact HTML code to use is a bit tricky, but we've created an eBay Youtube video embed tool to make it easy for you. This video demonstrates how to upload a video to Youtube, how to generate the HTML, and add it to your eBay listing.

Use Picasa to Color Correct eBay Listing Photos White Balance and Avoid Negative Feedback

Many eBay buyers do not closely read item descriptions in listings. So, if your photos are incorrectly white balanced, you may end up getting negative feedback and an item not as described return when the color of your item in the photos doesn't match what the buyer receives.

Picasa is free photo management and editing software from Google: //