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Already know where your item is going? Want to know what boxes it will fit into? Use the original FitShipper calculator.

FitShipper for Listing

Don't know where your item is going yet but you want to know what to charge or build-in for shipping? FitShipper for Listing calculates the cheapest shipping options everywhere in the country via USPS, UPS & Fedex in one step.

Enter dimensions

Optional in some cases (?)

Package Weight / Dimensions

Smallest regional (?) box item will fit into

Smallest flat rate box item will fit into


*Actual prices may vary. (?)
Fedex/UPS prices will be inaccurate without correct dimensions

This webapp is still in beta. Known issues:
  • May not gracefully handle some API request failures
  • Not fully optimized for mobile?
  • Does not remember last used options
Unknown issues
  • Unknown. See next:
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